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Previous Client Testimonials:

I have been privileged to help some awesome people who have worked hard to get the results they have wanted. Here is what some of them have said.

Wouldn't you like to join these amazing people?

".. thanks for a great session yesterday! Looking forward to the next one"
"... Im certainly fitter and stronger than I was three weeks ago"
" GP is really pleased that my blood pressure has dropped"
".. my golf swing has really improved, and I beat my partner last week.."
"... I can now run up the stairs to the office whereas before it used leave me short of breath"
".. my weaker leg is now as strong as the other"
" gait has really improved"
"...I couldn't do that a few weeks ago"
"... I have never been able to run a mile before ..."
and three weeks later .... " I have met my goal to Run 5km ..."
"... I have dropped a whole dress size ..."
"... I'm feeling alot fitter, sleeping better and able to concentrate more in the day .."
"... I passed (my work fitness test) with flying colours thanks to you, plenty left in the tank ..."
"... I am able to cycle up the hills much faster than before..."
"... Ive now beat my personal best in the 10 mile time trials by 2 minutes .... "
"......and that previous PB was 2 years ago when I was at my fittest ...."
"... Im thrilled at the progress my husband is making"
"... I have loved our sessions and being fit again."
"... thank you so much for helping me get to a 10k run ..."
"... we really appreciate the attention to detail in the programmes which are specific to us"
"... the pedal stroke analysis made a world of difference and my 25 mile TT times started reducing straight away"
"... I found the metabolic profile very useful in planning my longer cycling events"
"... the outdoor circuit training with Simon made a big difference to my fitness"
"... I could not do this without you"
" ... thanks for yesterday, it was really informative and I was surprised at what you found" (cycling pedal stroke analysis session)
" ... I am very pleased ... the average speed on my regular 75 mile ride has gone up 2mph and Ive taken over 20 minutes off the time "
"In the last month I have lost 6cm from my waist. I'm also 3cm taller due to improved posture"
"... I could not have done it without you. " - completion of half marathon trail run.

"... I can cycle longer distances and I am also feeling a lot more alert during the day."
What will you say ?

​Training and Fitness Qualifications:

Diploma in Functional Performance and Faster, Functional Training Expert

Level 4 Specialist Instructor : Exercise for Management of Lower Back Pain.

Level 4 Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy

FAKTR specialist and SpiderTech Kinesiotape applications

Exercise Referral

Diploma in Neurolinguistic programming.

Master Trainer Diploma from the European Institute of Fitness including:

Certified Master Trainer with accreditation in:

- Gym Instruction

- Circuits

- Personal Training

Specialist Personal Training Certification in:

- Nutrition and Weight Management

- Clinical Exercise / Exercise Referral

- Strength and Sports Conditioning

- Lifestyle Management

- Functional Training and Core Stability

Additional Certificates in:

- Advanced Functional Training

- Bodyweight Suspension System Instructor

- Performance Cycling

- Kettlebell Instructor


ABCC Cycling Coach Level 3

BFA Fin swimming Club Coach

First Aid - Emergency First Response

Rescue Diver